New Models Wanted

I'm Jimmy Stephans, owner and photographer for a very popular pretty girl website and I'm looking for new models in Colorado and states nearby.

From 2001 to 2013 I did all the photography for TrueTeenBabes (models 13 to 17) but retired to take some time off, deal with a bad back and do some traveling.

Now my crew and I are refreshed and ready to start shooting exciting and daring photos with new Colorado girls and reopen the website next month.

When I hire girls its a real modeling job and they get paid. I have a great make-up girl / hair stylist, a great girl to handle all the outfits and shoes, and years of experience working with brand new models.

And, the best part is that I pay you!

Yes, thats correct. I pay all new teen models $100 an hour when working with me.

If you are cute, have confidence in yourself, and want to have some fun showing off in front of my cameras please review the rest of this page and apply. I don't hire new models with tattoos - sorry.

TrueTeenBabes For New Models Ages 13-17

Before my retirement TrueTeenBabes was a popular website for teen girls that wanted to do work like you see in swimsuit magazines or the Victoria Secrets catalogs and posters. Its been closed for a year but will be coming back in a few weeks with the same style of photos that made it so popular.

If you want to model for me in photos like these, please complete the application and upload recent photos. I'll reply as soon as possible so check your email often.

If you are a super cute teen girl, look great in a bikini and other tiny outfits, have confidence, and feel your mother will approve of you working with me, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and submit some recent photos.

No experience required but you need to have a fun attitude and an awesome smile. If my crew and I are interested after seeing your application and photos I'll be back in touch with you soon. Remember to check your email address often. That is how I'll contact you.

Please remember that I never hire girls that have tattoos because I don't like how they look in my photos.

How To Apply...

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